Dakar Local Events

Dakar boasts some top international events throughout the year. We have listed some of these below as great optional extras for your holiday. If your visit does not coincide with one of the many events, news, festivals or celebrations in Dakar & Saint Louis, there is bound to be something of interest happening when you do arrive. For more information on the events listed below, or for other events throughout the year, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.you

c.cicotours@yahoo.fr :77 6338621

Raid Teranga 2016
(22 Feb 2018 )

The "Teranga 250" will be the Paris Dakar riders extreme Trails. A sporting achievement and discovery of a country rich in colors and emotions.
Raid Teranga will be what you make of it, a race to the authenticity, an individual effort in the service of a pure and sometimes hostile environment.
With the Lac Rose as a witness, you will meet during this ordeal simple but real people and you will know, in the end all that the word Teranga cache mystery and sincerity.

Sira vision
Place: Dakar  (15 Mar 2018 - 19 Mar 2018 )

Colle Ardo Sow actively preparing the 6th edition of Sira Vision, for which the whole family is mobilized to the stylist.

Raid Teranga2016
Place: Dakar,lac Rose-popeguine-saly-joal-iles du saloum  (19 Mar 2018 )


Pelerinage de Popenguine
Place: POPENGUINE  (25 May 2018 - 25 May 2019 )

Poponguine is a small village by the sea, 60 km from Dakar, and between Toubab Diallaw Somone. Every year since 1888, thousands of pilgrims go there, some young people walk to the shrine during the annual pilgrimage of Pentecost
The Marian Shrine of Poponguine was created in 1887.

Kaay fecc festival
Place: Dakar  (09 Jun 2018 - 17 Jun 2018 )

The Association Kaay Fecc conducts activities to promote development and professionalization of dance in Senegal.