Dakar and Saly Special Packages

We are local to Dakar and want you to discover the real Dakar we know and love. The special packages below have been personally designed by us to offer you unique and interesting experiences, in a way that respects and benefits the locals and their environment. Check out the Dakar and Saly holiday packages we currently have on offer.

Duration: 9 days
EUR 900/person
(assuming 4 travellers)
Duration: 5 days
EUR 183.33/person
(assuming 3 travellers)
Duration: 7 days
EUR 50/person
(assuming 1 travellers)
Duration: 1 day
EUR 500/person
(assuming 1 travellers)
Duration: 7 days
EUR 175/person
(assuming 4 travellers)
Duration: 6 days
EUR 550/person
(assuming 2 travellers)