Incentive Travel Events Dakar-travels

Incentive Travel Events Dakar-travels

Incentive Travel Events Dakar-travels

Incentive trips: We are also committed to providing you with quality services in the shortest possible time.

A well-organised incentive trip can increase profits, professional performance and cultivate meaningful relationships and loyalty.

In addition, incentive travel allows you to have a captive audience where you can take advantage of the opportunity to introduce new products or services.

Cicotour-Incentive Travel and Events-au-senegal:Incentive Travel / Rewards

As explained with Dakar-travels-Incentive in the previous section.a Planning of meetings / M.I.C.E., Incentive Travel Events.

A type of corporate event often grouped under the acronym M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions.)

Reasons for the similarities and overlaps between these events.

Incentive Travel Events Dakar-travels

Although the content of an incentive travel programme is very different from other types of meetings. –

With the emphasis on entertainment, activities and socialisation – the event planning process is very similar.

Both meetings and incentive programmes involve venue planning:

destination management, coordination of travel and accommodation, creation of an event support programme.

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