Sale of flexible holiday packages

Sale of flexible holiday packages

Sale of flexible holiday packages

For your holidays in Senegal, go to an incredibly diverse country, with a fauna out of mind, charming old colonial cities that seem far away from the hectic life of the capital of Senegal Dakar.

During your holidays in Senegal then discover the country as in the desert and between the tropics, a fairly moderate Islam, where Animism and Catholicism combine, this is an obviously special and fantastic destination where you meet the Fulani nomads and Serere farmers who have been living in the bush together for centuries. Explore the narrow streets of the beautiful city of St. Louis pulled by a traditional horse-drawn carriage, and lose yourself in the rich bush of the Casamance region to experience an authentic Africa, full of ancient tribal customs, forests, sacred ancient trees and animist rituals. Reach the island of Goree, transit centre for slaves in past centuries.

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, explore the fishing villages of Mbour where thousands of pirogues arrive daily to unload fish. We cannot overlook the third ornithological park of Saint di Dioudj, the bird sanctuary

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