The Little Coast and its Beaches

The Little Coast and its beaches

With the villages built on stilts of shells and its quiet beaches in Senegal, La Petite Côte is the most touristic region of the country. It covers nearly 70 km southeast of Dakar.

Joal Fadiouth. An always calm sea, protected by the peninsula of Cape Verde which attenuates the effects of the sea winds, interspersed with numerous beaches, picturesque fishing villages, but also the forests of baobabs, a sun always present, it is the face that offers the vision

For visitors, the coast of the small villages are: Joal Fadiuoth, Yenne, Toubab Diallaw, Ndayane, Popenguine, Somone and … saloum


Fadiouth is a small fishing village in Petite Cote, Senegal.
The village is divided into two parts: the Joalè part of the village of the coast, while Fadiouth is the part of the island, connected by a wooden bridge of 400 meters long.

The island is now covered with shells.

Joal- Fadiouth is certainly the most beautiful village in the northern part of Senegal. Common consists of catolicicittà, Joal (serer inhabited by fishermen and a large fishing area of ​​the country);

the island of Fadiouth (connected by a wooden bridge to the mainland and built entirely of ammuchiate shells), the cemetery of the island (shared exceptionally Christian and Muslim), see the sacred island of Tindine, it is a site remarkable not to be missed.

Over thousands of years of continuous reading of the tides, water and earth have given rise to one of the fossil shells of all kinds, which appears again in the most unexpected points of Senegal, that their country is in itself a territory with a strong presence of shells has little ‘everywhere.
Not only roads and buildings are made of shells, but also all common use among people: those who, over the centuries, collections have to eat the content and use of shells to build almost everything. Do you think that even the cemetery of seashells and being so nice and special to see has become one of the holiday destinations.

Main Polish Attraction: the village of Fadiouth, the cemetery, the stilted granaries, the return of the fishermen’s canoes to Joal, the hometown of Senghor.


Located on the banks of the lagoon, these two charming villages are subject to state projects as part of the development of future tourist centers.

Some hotels and recreational areas are already functional. (UPDATE)


Nianing, near Saly, it remains one of the star beaches of the Petite Côte. This fishing village, a small and pleasant seaside resort, Nianing attracts more and has grown with the opening of several hotels



world famous seaside resort the largest tourist center of West Africa, one of the most active centers of Senegalese coastal fishing, Saly is home to many hotels that overlook the ocean, restaurants, banks, casinos and a craft village.

The resort of Saly offers a wide range of tourist activities.

Polo’s Hand Attraction:

The practice of many water sports (sailing, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, jet ski, …) land and leisure (ULM, golf, quad, horse riding, …), calm sea relaxation.


The return of the nine-day fishing canoes is one of the most extraordinary shows that Senegal can offer. Mbour is also a crucible of civilizations and in September, the Socés organize Kankourang or the Feast of Circumcision.


Private Reserve, near the Petite Côte hotels, paths through the reserve about 50 km with its 3500 hectares of forest that is home to a variety of wildlife: birds, monkeys, gazelles, giraffes, reptiles, buffaloes, zebras … The forest also hides serene mounds and baobabs that protect the tombs of griots.

7. LAGOON Somone

Located between two fishing villages, the small seaside resort of Somone is one of the most pleasant places on The little coast. The area is quieter than Saly and beaches, clear water and beautiful lagoon, it is the most beautiful of The little coast.

The main attraction: No doubt the discovery of the lagoon where a peaceful environment to relax, relax and observe the birds (herons, pelicans, flamingos). Fishermen also beautiful catches.

8. THE VILLAGE Popenguine

Popenguine is a small seaside village, 60 km from Dakar, including Toubab Diallaw and Somone. Symbol of Senegalese Catholicism (annual pilgrimage at the time of Pentecost to pray the Black Madonna), ecological sanctuary, high independent tourism, Popenguine, despite its size is known to all Senegalese.  The little coast

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