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  • Visit: Saint louis, Gambia, Casamance
  • The Senegalese are a very friendly people known for “Teranga” (a warm welcome)
  • Images and experiences, some of which may even change the direction of your life or way of thinking
  • 02 pax: 1000 euros per person
  • 04 pax: 900 euros per person
  • 06 pax: 850 euros per person
  • 08 to 10 pax: 800 euros per person
  • Included: the guide, the bus or vehicle, visits, hotels, full board

The Senegalese are a very friendly people known for “Teranga” (a warm welcome).

Images and experiences, some of which may even change the direction of your life or way of thinking.

  • Group size: 1 people
  • Pickup location: 

    Every where

  • Drop-off location: 

    Dakar Airport

  • Pickup time: (9.00 AM - 6.00 PM)
  • Drop-off time: (3.00 PM - 5.00 PM)


Day 1 : Leave Dakar for St.Louis where we will be staying on the Langue de Barbarie

Between where we stay and the Town is the fishing village of Guet N’Dar and we will have time to walk and sense the real life of a vibrant fishing village.

Day 2 : We will take a guided tour of the old muslim quarter of the town and then onto the richer French Colonial quarter. We will take lunch in the town and in the afternoon, those who wish to relax will be able to. The others we will take a walk through the village and see how the people pass the afternoon.

Day 3 : Depart towards Podor. Depending on timing and conditions we may stop at Dagane and /or Richard Toll. Two places of interest on route. We spend the night in Podor.

Day 4 : A look back in time on Isle Morphil. It is an island but with a connecting bridge at the Podor end. The Tukulor people are still constructing houses in the same fashion as centuries back. If you sleep in one of their houses as opposed to a concrete one, you will soon understand why. Night in Podor.

Footnote. Every time we look across the river we are looking at Mauritania.

Day 5 : Depart for Bakel. We drive through real Sahel landscapes and although it is a long drive it holds the interest of most clients who are forever asking “Stop here; I want to take a picture”. Night in Bakel.

Day 6 : An early morning visit to the historic sites of Bakel then down to the river to take a pirogue trip on the river. We will be met further up river where we will continue by road to Tambacounda. Night in Tambacounda.

Day 7 : We have to change the mode of transport for a few days to 4 x 4 cars/trucks. Visit the National Park of Niokolo Koba. A relaxing afternoon at Hotel Simenti. Night in the Reserve. May depend on seasonal rainfall as to what is available.

Day 8 : Traverse the Park to the Bassari Country. Night in a village camp.

Day 9 : Spending time in the Bassari villages. We may even be lucky enough to tumble upon an Initiation Ceremony in one of the villages. This area is very remote, not far from the border of Guinea. These people have kept their animist beliefs and still practice mystic rites but many have taken on the Christian religion alongside their ancient ways. Night in a village camp.

Day 10 : Spend some time with the Bassari before going on to visit a Bedick village. Similar to the Bassari but these villages are perched in the hills. And we thought we had a hard life. Night in Mako.

Day 11 : Leave the region by the National road. We make a visit to see the traditional gold mining village and see how they did holes and go below ground to find gold. On the road again towards Tambacounda where we spend the night.

Day 12 : Leave this region to return back to Dakar. Going back to “civilisation” with a head swimming with images and experiences, some of which may even change the direction of your life or way of thinking.

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