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Dakar Airport

A tour designed to allow the avid birdwatcher to visit different habitats to see the maximum number of species in a short tour.

From this tour, perhaps the birdwatcher will return to the habitat that gave the best results, for a more in depth visit.

  • Group size: 1 people
  • Pickup location: 

    Dakar Airport

  • Drop-off location: 

    Dakar Airport

  • Pickup time: (8.00 AM - 10.00 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (10.00 AM - 12.00 PM)


Day 1. Arrival in Dakar. Transfer to Sine Saloum (170km) by bus.

Situated South of the “petite cote” we find the beautiful region of mangroves, swamps and tidal mudflats. It is the perfect area to see the different fishing birds, cormorants, terns, herons, eagles and the shoreline mudflat waders. We will be staying on an island where you will be able to walk and seek out the best spots for bird watching, be it shoreline or inland.

(Island Campement)

DAY 2 . An early morning pirogue ride to the mangroves and the tidal mudflats, to watch the birds fishing or searching for shellfish.

During the day a walking tour of the island.

An evening pirogue to see the birds come in to roost for the night.

(Island Campement)

DAY 3. A similar programme.

(Island Campement)

DAY 4. A similar programme.

(Island Campement)

DAY 5. We depart for the region called Sénégal Oriental, passing by Kaolack, Kafrine and Kounguel.l

A late lunch in Tambacounda where we will spend the night.

(Hotel in Tambacounda)

We are in the region situated at the extreme East of Sénégal. With the different types of geography and the Reserve of Niokolo Koba, one of the most important sites in West Africa. It is a World Heritage Site and has 336 species of bird listed, including some rarities. The river can be very rewarding early morning or evening so we will have the option to take a boat when timing allows.

DAY 6. We drive into the Reserve and can spend time around the Mare Simenti and the surrounding environment.

(Hotel Simenti)

DAY 7. We drive to Passage Koba where we cross the River Niokolo and continue to Mare Sita Ndi and beyond depending on accessibility. We hope to see different Storks and Raptors along the way.

(Hotel Simenti)

DAY 8. We drive in the opposite direction today towards Grand Mirador, Guenoto and Bantamba alongside the River Gambia. With the sandy banks we hope to see the different Bee-eaters including the Carmine if we are lucky.

(Hotel Simenti)

DAY 9. Today we will spend most of the time around the Simenti area because it is a rewarding area, with Egyptian Plover and many small bird species easily seen.

(Hotel Simenti)

DAY 10. We leave for the North of Sénégal. We will be following the River Senegal so we will have some stop offs, in differing habitats, to see what is around.

(Hotel Ouro Sogui)

The region of St. Louis is a World Heritage site and is very rich in habitats for birds. Notably the « Langue de Barbarie » where we find a multiple of sea, river and shoreline birds, some migrant and some resident.

DAY 11. We spend the day around the campement situated on the Langue du Barbarie. You can visit one side of the island which is on the coast and the other side of the island which is tidal river.

(Campement Diamarek)

DAY 12. Visit to the National Park Lange de Barbarie.

DAY 13. Langue de Barbarie by pirogue.

DAY 14. We leave for Dakar.

DAY 15. A Day at Yoff and/or Goree depending on flight times. In the evening, thousands of Kites gliding on the thermals over Dakar, leaves a lasting impression.

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