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At the airport or at the reception desk in your hotel.

Booking notes

- These tariffs include the bed linen, the insurance in RC of the boat and the crew and the operation costs of the boat (such as gas and oil)

- These tariffs do not include the personal bathroom linen, the transfer from the airport, personal insurance type /accident, cancellation/repatriation or alcohol.

Casamance shares its name with its geographical location; it is located to the south of Gambia. It is often called ‘the attic of Senegal' because it is very fertile. The culture of rice dominates there and the lives of many families here depend on this crop. Many villages have their own kitchen garden and fruit trees abound, including mango, papaw and coconut trees. The mangroves bordering the banks of the river and its meanders shelter important fauna, many species of birds, monkeys, mongoose, monitors and lots more. The sailing ship is the ideal way to discover this undisturbed part of the country.

The inhabitants are primarily Diolas, Catholics or Muslims. They are very attached to their traditions, and know how to keep a strong cultural identity and maintain a constant relationship with the Earth and Water. To reach them is often only possible by inland waterway.


  • Pickup location: At the airport or at the reception desk in your hotel.
  • Pickup time: (8.00 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (5.00 PM)


The following lists out the itinerary of the tour:

- Transfer until Katalousse by taxi (approximately 20 minutes)

- visiting the villages of Ehidj, perched on a white sand dune

- Kachouane and its box with impluvium

- Djogué crossroads of fishermen

- wild damping with Kati

- return by Niomoune

- Elinkine the terminus of the tracks and Ourong.

Cancellation Policy

The following lists out the cancellation policies of the tour:

- Cancellations prior to 48 hours before check-in incur deposit loss

- cancellations within 48 hours prior to check-in, or no shows, incur full amount charge.

Children policy

50% reduction for children under 12 years of age on all tariffs.

Participant Guidelines

Formalities of entry

- Not of visa

- Valid passport


- Dry season: from Mid-October to the end of May

- Wet season: from June till Mid-October

Essential Items Required

- Traveller's bag rather than a normal bag

- Glasses, sun lotion and a hat


- Vaccination advised against the yellow fever

- Recommended: anti-paludic preventive medication

- Anti-mosquito lotion

To join us from Dakar

- Daily flights towards Ziguinchor (Air Senegal)

- During the dry season, certain companies (Air Senegal, Aircm, Dakarvoyages) propose direct flights towards Cape Skiring from France.

- By road: in taxi-bush for adventurers (One day of travel)

- By sea: a ferry, the "Aline Sitoé Diatta" (Company COSAMA) carries out the Dakar-Ziguinchor shuttle; do not hesitate to contact them for further information:
Ziguinchor: (00 221) 33 99172 00/fax: (00 221) 33.991 72 01
Dakar: (00 221) 33.849 48 93/faxes: (00 221) 33.849 48 81