Food & Cuisine in Dakar

Eating out in Dakar is a truly enjoyable experience with a range of cuisines inspired by its many cultural groups. Combine Senegalese food, local hospitality and an energetic music scene to create a recipe that will truly tantalise your taste buds!

Senegalese food is considered to be some of the finest in West Africa. Be sure to try Tiebou dienn (rice and fish), Senegal's national dish.

Some of the most memorable moments of any holiday revolve around meals. For some general information on dining in Senegal see our Senegal Restaurant Guide. Use our Dakar & Saint Louis restaurant guide to find the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy a meal after a busy day shopping in Dakar

Food and Cuisine in Dakar


Une cuisine soignée et originale,
une ambiance et un cadre convivial.

Ouvert midis et soirs tous les jours sauf le lundi à midi.

Route de l'aéroport - Dakar, Sénégal - Tél: 33 820 8700

Restaurant/Galerie Calebasse Top

Located on the top floor of the Art Gallery, a unique and magical place offering a journey through the traditions and cultures of Africa.

The restaurant is located in the same harmony of objects, colors and atmosphereswhich accompany the visitor during his journey through the halls of the gallery ...

The cuisine is authentic and traditional:
all products that are served are local products, fresh and natural ingredients from smallfarmers, fishermen and farmers, fruits, vegetables, dairy, poultry road Niayes; fishmarket Soumbédioune, crawfish St. Louis, Salt Lake Rose, pepper Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire chocolate, crayfish, hearts of palm ...

A discovery of traditional African cuisine,
A rich and delicious flavors,
A unique and captivating ...

Ravin Top


Tel : 33 837 22 95