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 Dakar-travels Tailor-made travel agency

  Tailor-made travel agency Dakar-travels: You will rightly work directly with tailor-made travel agency cicotour, in order to avoid intermediaries and to better control the quality of the services rendered. We are on the spot, our offer is constantly updated. Our experience in the field reinforces our ability to build personalized itineraries and to advise our clients. 

However our common vision following the quality that a Tour Operator provides to its customers has made us one of the best specialists in tailor-made travel. You will rightly work directly with a local service provider, in order to avoid intermediaries and to better control the quality of the services rendered. We are on the spot, our offer is constantly updated. Our experience in the field reinforces our ability to build personalized itineraries and to advise our clients.

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 Dakar-travels Tailor-made travel agency

Tailor-made travel agency Dakar-travels is at your entire disposal for your satisfaction. A seasoned and qualified team in the field, as well as on the administrative level, accompanies you in the programs and quotations.we have a great serenity except our experience on the various products, in the best delays. We also have a selective partnership with hotels, restaurants, campsites, lodges. Indeed with a pointed choice managed in a regular way in order to meet the requirements of your requests. For groups and works councils, we work by themes according to the image of the company. The quality of our logistics and the punctuality of our team is a real added value. With our sincere thanks also we welcome you to Senegal 

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Tailor-made travel agency Dakar-travels

Tailor-made travel agency Dakar-travels: Senegal is certainly a very impressive complex country, located on the west coast of Africa, between Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania. Besides the capital Dakar, naturalist areas such as the Niokolo-Koba National Park and the third largest bird reserve in the world of birds in Djoudj, as well as the island of Gorée and the suggestive Retba Lake, the pink lake, are to be seen. A trip to Senegal is a unique dream to discover the culture but also the rites and traditions of Senegal, between religion, typical cuisine, nature, beaches and customs.Tailor-made travel agency Dakar-travels your local connection.

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Tailor-made travel agency Dakar-travels

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Tailor-made travel agency Dakar-travels

To visit in Senegal: Dakar, the capital

One of Senegal’s main tourist destinations is Dakar, the country’s capital, famous for its historic desert race, the Paris-Dakar. Today, it has become an important port crossroads in Africa, with economic growth linked to an intense colonial history. The Medina district, where the famous Massilikul Djinane mosque is located, and the Tylene market, which is still very rich in

However, there are many other religious sites in the city, which boasts one of the largest Muslim communities on the resilient continent, including the Mosque of the Divinity.
Equally impressive is the African Renaissance Monument, a 52-metre monumental group in bronze and copper, a driving force and attraction for the size, stability and sustainability of Africa. But one of Dakar’s main attractions are the beautiful spires of Ngor, particularly popular with surfers, on Yoff Island, or the beach at Plage des Mamelles. For the nightlife, we recommend the fantastic Almadies district, where you will find restaurants, bars and Senegalese music clubs.
The island of Gorée, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1975, can be reached in about 20 minutes from the capital’s port. The island is very picturesque, with colonial-style buildings and houses. Dakar-travels Tailor-made travel agency




 Dakar-travels Tailor-made travel agency

For visitors to Senegal, the Lompoul Desert often gives a foretaste of the great deserts of Mauritania further north. It is now quite a popular destination in the Sahelo-Saharan region. An incredible dune landscape, the Lompoul Desert. Nestled between the dunes, new tents with all comforts combine in perfect harmony with the site, inspiring the Tuareg way of life.
The bandia reserve
An unforgettable safari during your stay in Senegal in the Bandia reserve where you will be able to meet all the large mammals of Africa in 3.500 ha of grandiose nature: giant baobabs, thorny bushes, capricious lianas. Among the animal species in the park, you will find in particular rhinos, giraffes, large antelopes, dama gazelles, Derby eland, buffaloes, patas monkeys, vervets, warthogs, hippotragues, jackals or mongooses. However, there are also around 120 species of birds.




 Dakar-travels Tailor-made travel agency

Saint-Louis: What to see in Senegal In the north of Senegal, we have Saint-Louis, near the border with Mauritania, a completely fascinated and curious city. Characteristic is its famous Faidherbe bridge, a true symbol of Saint-Louis, designed by the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel, who planned the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The city has a historic district, where you can still breathe in the colonial history.

To visit in Senegal: Lake Retba with travel agency tailor-made cicotour lake Rosa, is a huge salt lake, whose particular pink colour of the water due to micro-organisms small natural wonder. Located about 30 km from the capital. Places to visit in Senegal: Niokolo-Koba National Park. One of the most interesting naturalistic places in Senegal is the Niokolo-Koba National Park, on the border with Guinea-Bissau, 600 km from Dakar, a region characterised by a very rich fauna and vegetation. The region is crossed by dozens of waterways, including the Gambia River and the dense network of its tributaries.

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 Dakar-travels Tailor-made travel agency

To discover in Senegal: the splendid Casamance
Casamance, one of the most beautiful regions of the country, the beauty of the landscapes, is important to visit. Among the places to visit is the capital of the region of Ziguinchor, from where excursions to the island of Egueye, Carabane, inamport, exploration of the rivers of the region and the beaches of Cap Skirring. To be seen in Senegal: The Saloum delta. It is located in the western part of the country, in the coastal area in the north of Gambia and occupies an important part of the Sine-Saloum delta. A tailor-made travel agency cicotour will give you the opportunity to discover this swampy labyrinth of mangroves and bolongs. The main biotopes observed are the muddy expanses of mangroves and bolongs, the sandy coasts and islets, the marine environment and the wooded Sudanese savannah. Dakar-travels Tailor-made travel agency





 Dakar-travels Tailor-made travel agency

The Bassari countries a culture As rich as the ancient and ancestral rituals, the country is famous all over the world for its great festivals and its convivial dishes. Without forgetting the waterfalls of Futa djalong like a jewel hidden at the bottom of a labyrinth, Dindéfélo always makes you dream before welcoming you in its oasis of peace, tranquillity, charm. The cultural expressions of its inhabitants show original features in their agropastoral, social, ritual and spiritual practices and represent an exceptional and original response to the constraints imposed by the environment and anthropic pressures. The site is an extremely well-preserved multicultural landscape with original and living indigenous cultures.  

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