Holiday in Saly

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The seaside resort of Saly is located on the Petite Cote just 10kms from the city of Mbour. Several shops and small businesses, an art and craft market, a movie theatre, casino and a vibrant nightlife make this a popular tourist destination. There are many activities also available from an 18-hole golf course to water skiing, fishing and scuba diving.

Somone is located less than 5km from Saly and is quickly following in the steps of Saly as a popular tourist destination.

The city of Mbour is home to the second most important port in Senegal after the Dakar port. One of its major industries is fishing, and here you can follow the steps the fisheries take from the preparation of the dugouts to the smoking of the fish.

Fifteen kilometres from Saly you will find Reserve de Bandia. One of the countries most popular safari parks, Bandia covers over 3500 hectares of land and is home to many animals including monkeys, crocodiles, rhinoceroses, buffalos, giraffes, antelopes, gazelles and ostriches. You can visit the park in your own car or a rent a vehicle at the office.